INES kick-off meeting

First official meeting of the INES team was held in Ribaritsa village, Bulgaria on 3-5 February 2022.

The program was divided into 5 sessions  including 1 workshop and a team building competitions. Stoyan Nedkov (coordinator of the project) opened the kick-off meeting with presentation about INES and its work packages. All members of the team participated online or in place. The coordinators of the work packages РMariyana Nikolova, Marian Varbanov, Hristina Prodanova, Stoyan Nedkov, Miglena Zhiyanski, and Tanya Trenkova presented their work plans, roles and responsibilities within the project WP-s. Hristina Prodanova presented the creation of the INES identity Рthe idea behind the logo design, a brand book and the new social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Eugenia Sarafova presented a test version of the website and opened discussion on its structure and contents.

A template for project-related publications catalog was tested during the workshop session. Main part of the kick-off meeting ended with a team building competitions when the so-called “coordinator’s team” won the first place.